Promotional posters for Robin Vanbesien's film the wasp and the weather, 2020.
In Arabic, Farsi, Tamazight and English, A3 size, risograph printed.

"Rzoezie (Tamazight word for 'wasp') is a former youth centre in Mechelen, Belgium. In 1978, Rzoezie was founded and organised by young people of Moroccan and Amazigh descent. Inspired by Paulo Freire’s 'Pedagogy of the Oppressed', the centre focused on self-pedagogy and self-organisation: ‘bottom-up’ and ‘from the inside’.
At the centre, the youngsters wrote poetry. In the wasp and the weather, some of the original authors (M’Hamed El Ouali, Abdelhay Ben Abdellah) and contemporary poets (Samira Saleh, Mathieu Charles, and Fatma Alomrani, Muhned Bnana, Hooman, Marcus Bergner and Mohamed Tawfiq of the Post Collective) revisit, recite and discuss these poems.
I asked them to read the poems wondering about how far their words preserved the activist history of the moment in which they were written and dedicated to (1990–2000). My wish was to test their resonance in today’s 'weather', to let these poems environ the social debts that remain upon us."